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Web Hosting

All static & database-driven websites require efficient web hosting to perform swiftly on the World Wide Web.


Many factors like up time, response time, download speed & others are very critical for successful run on internet. Apart from that, all the successful business relies heavily on the email solutions for their daily interactions which in turn are dependent on the mail servers & their efficiency.

Citec offers complete range of hosting solutions for individuals and corporates. The web hosting services are available on Linux, Windows and Java platform, touching a wide range of technologies.

Citec's flexible and feature-packed Web hosting plans give you everything you need to easily launch your website. Starting with small websites for home users who wish to have their web presence for the first time, to the high-end enterprise- oriented hosting solutions, we offer website solutions for all. You get 24X7 customer support and a secure Web hosting environment.

Citec Hosting Offers:
Superior bandwidth infrastructure ensuring faster connections.
A guarantee of 99.9% uptime.
Scalability and security to match your business growth